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Who We Are

Be Gr8 Basketball Academy is a youth basketball training program where we “Focus on the FUNdamentals”. Designed for athletes ages 5 to 14, we offer a fun and competitive environment to develop and master technical skills that will translate to team play.


Set at a pace appropriate for age and skill level, our small group training classes are set at a 10 to 1 ratio. This allows our coaches to pinpoint strengths and identify areas of improvement per athlete with a more personalized approach. 


Building confidence, accountability and leadership skills are key to success at the Academy on and off the court. We strive to inspire our young athletes to not just be good but to unlock their potential to Be Gr8.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to use the game of basketball as a tool to unlock Gr8ness in our young athletes on and off the court. At a time where involvement in youth sports is on a decline, we hope to bring back the love of the game to the South Bay and Los Angeles communities.


We pride ourselves on upholding the highest caliber of teaching, and our vision is to care for each athlete’s individual growth through personalized skill development and sportsmanship. And it is our priority to assist young athletes as they not only grow their basketball skill-set, but also their development as emotionally mature youth.

Why Be Gr8?

Athletic participation helps youth grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while also developing their personal, physical and intellectual skills. And as a parent, we have the distinct opportunity to make important decisions related to our children’s path in sports.


Be Gr8 Basketball Academy was built to be fun, to nurture a healthy competitive spirit, and to promote the pursuit of Gr8ness through ethical and responsible behavior on and off the court. 


We uphold the importance of good sportsmanship by encouraging the acceptance of victory with humility and acknowledgment of defeat with grace. In teaching these lessons to our young athletes, we instill habits that will lead them to achieve healthier, happier lives.

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